Active Mum Maternity Range

Model and Mum Casey Evans recently road tested our brand new Active Mum Maternity Range.

Model and Mum Casey Evans recently road tested our brand new Active Mum Maternity Range including the Mind the Bump Maternity TankMamma Mia Maternity Bra and the Hold Me Maternity Tight throughout her pregnancy. We caught up with Casey to see if the clothes stood up to the test now that she has had her baby girl. Casey also shares which exercises worked best for her during this stage of life and how specialised maternity wear can affect your workout.

What was your exercise routine throughout your pregnancy and post pregnancy?
During Pregnancy: I did Pregnancy Yoga, light walking and upper body strengthening exercises including light weights to maintain my fitness levels.

Post Pregnancy: I had a C-section so I had to rest a lot to let my body recover. A few weeks later when I felt up to it, I started out with light walking and pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Later down the track I progressed to leg circling, core strengthening exercises and increased duration and intensity of my walks.

Did the clothes stay in place and were they supportive throughout you workouts?
Yes! Each piece of clothing did exactly what it was meant to, and stayed in place allowing freedom of movement, especially in the final stages of pregnancy as you can find yourself very uncomfortable at times. I found the clothing very supportive.

How did you find the fit of the top and the pants?
During Pregnancy, the top was great as it had a ruched waist which allowed room to grow and was quite breathable, soft and stretchy. The Hold Me Maternity Tight fit well and because it was black it was versatile for working out or just wearing day to day with a t-shirt. I am usually a size 10 so a size Small fit me well.

What is the benefit of purchasing maternity workout gear vs wearing a larger size in a normal style?
I definitely recommend purchasing some maternity workout wear, particularly the tights as they fit much more securely around my stomach with the option of rolling the waistband up or down. When you purchase normal clothes in larger sizes, rather than maternity specific, it won’t fit as well and will usually be larger in the legs or not provide enough coverage for your stomach. The Hold Me Maternity Tight was just as comfortable for post-natal recovery and I used it in the months post pregnancy.

How did you find the fabric and wear of the items? Did they wash well after multiple uses?
The fabric in the top was breathable and soft and this wore well and kept its shape after a few washes. The fabric in the tights was thicker and are made from a four way stretch fabric to provide support and also washed well, keeping its shape.

Have you been wearing the abi and joseph Active Mum range post pregnancy?
Post-pregnancy I wore the top and tights, however the top became quite loose not having so much of a stomach to fill it out, so this is mostly suited to wear during your pregnancy as it will grow with you. I have mainly worn the tights as they are quite supportive and come up high around the stomach area. As mentioned my daughter arrived via C-section so it was important to me to have very comfortable clothing and I did find that in the abi and joseph Active Mum Maternity Range.

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