Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dancer? We sat down with the talented Sammy Butler, a dancer and barre instructor at Barre Brisbane who trained with the Australian Ballet, to explore the world of a dancer. Sammy shares how she originally chose the career of dance, why the transition into becoming a barre instructor, what an average day looks like and the best advice she has ever been given. Thank you to Barre Brisbane for the beautiful imagery, shot in The Montrose Barn, Brisbane.

Q&A With Dancer & Barre Instructor Sammy Butler

What is your dance background and why do you love it?
I started ballet lessons when I was 3 years old and by the age of 10 I was also training in jazz, lyrical and contemporary dance styles. At 14 I was accepted into the Australian Ballet School’s full time program and spent four years living in Melbourne training to become a professional ballerina. At the conclusion of four years at the school I decided to move back home to Brisbane and study journalism and psychology at the University of Queensland, in addition to instructing at the beautiful Barre Brisbane West End studio.

What inspired you to become a Barre instructor?
Instructing Barre presented an opportunity to combine my passion for dance, health and fitness and share the knowledge I have gained throughout my own training. I hope to encourage others to experience the benefits of Barre for overall health and well being.

What does an average day look like?
An average day for me usually begins with breakfast before heading to university for a few hours of classes and study. My favourite way to the end the day is with a Barre class, either instructing or participating. If I’m not at Barre Brisbane, I’ll go for a nice long walk or run followed by some stretching at home.


Favourite songs to dance to?
Dancing to anything by Beyoncé always elevates my mood and gets the endorphins flowing!

Best advice that you’ve ever been given?
Try not to compare yourself to others, we are all unique and on our own individual paths in life.



First thing I did when I woke up this morning:
Turned off my alarm, checked emails and scrolled through social media.

Workout or exercise I’m currently loving:
Blair’s Barre Cardio class at Barre Brisbane. I’m always sore the next day, but feel amazing!

I never make a smoothie without adding:
A handful of frozen blueberries or banana.

My go-to healthy café is:
Acai Brothers Superfood Bar – I’m an acai bowl addict!


Visit Barre Brisbane’s website to book your very own barre class with one of their talented instructors at barrebrisbane.com.au


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