To help kickstart your fitness journey for the new year, we collaborated with Fatima Wheeler, owner of fitness studio Fit Body Bootcamp on the Gold Coast, to bring you a mini-series of easy at home workouts anyone can try. The first episode features 4 quick workouts and the only equipment you need is a chair! We love Fatima because she is inclusive of everyone – 80% of her clientele are female and she encourages every single woman to be comfortable with the skin they are in and enjoy whichever way they choose to move.





Fatima’s Simple Detox:
–       Drink at least 2L of water per day
–       Avoid dairy and sugar
–       Have 1 tsp of intestamine in water (morning and night)
–       Have a probiotic before bed
–       Over this time increase chia seeds, psyllium, slippery elm (it does wonders for your gut)
–       Increase ginger and turmeric (I put mine in my smoothies)
–       Reduce the load placed on the liver through cutting down on caffeine, over the counter medications and alcohol


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