It’s coming up to the holiday season and it can be tempting to indulge in all of the treats offered around us, but this can leave our bodies feeling flat after the sugar rush ends. Our new Raw Fig Slice by Hazel & Cacao is healthy, festive and absolutely delicious. The perfect holiday treat, this slice is packed full of nutrients and manages to be healthy too as it contains cashews, figs and hazelnuts.




– 1 cup hazelnuts
– 1 cup medjool dates


– 2 cups cashews (soaked for at least 4-5
– ⅓ cup coconut oil
– 1 cup dried figs
– juice of 2 limes
– ½ cup water
– 2 TBSP maple syrup
– fresh fig slices to decorate


1. Process hazelnuts in a food processor until they turn into a fine flour

2. Pit your dates and add them to your food processor. Process until mixture becomes sticky

3. Press mixture into the bottom of a small slice tray and set aside

4. Blend all filling ingredients in a blender until thick and creamy. You may need to add a little more water as you go to help it blend

5. Scoop filling over your base and spread out evenly

6. Set in freezer for about 5 hours or overnight

7. When you are ready to serve, decorate with fresh fig slices and cut slice into desired shape. Enjoy!



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