F45 Functional Training

Sarah, owner of F45 Albany Creek, shares with us what you’ve always wanted to know about F45…

Sarah, owner of F45 Albany Creek, shares with us what you’ve always wanted to know about F45…

Welcome to F45 Training where F stands for Functional Training and 45 is the time in minutes it takes to complete an F45 workout. The concept, created in Australia, is simple: we merge three separate training styles into one 45 minute workout. The workouts focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training and Functional Training and alternate between cardio and resistance-dominated sessions throughout the week. There are 27 different workouts and no two classes will ever be the same. It’s a total body workout that will keep your muscles and endurance guessing!

All the workouts can be scaled up or down depending on someone’s fitness level, or for injury maintenance, we can modify movements. The exercises all focus on burning fat fast and building lean muscle mass. Basically, you work your butt off (literally) for a short amount of time (40 seconds), rest (20 seconds), and repeat. Celebrities, football players, actors and media figures are all getting behind the new fitness craze – Hugh Jackman, Ricky Martin and Nicole Richie to name a few.

People wonder what the difference is with F45 compared to other training styles. Our workouts are fuelled and organized by robust technology systems.  A series of TV’s mounted right in front of you, provide an organized, station-by-station diagram for each exercise. With the guidance and motivation of our F45 Trainers, this system is a visual tool for our members to progress from exercise station to station throughout the workout, follow the leader style.

We also pride ourselves on being a friendly and fun “Team Training” environment. The atmosphere is motivating, we crank the tunes so you can’t hear yourself breathing! The upbeat environment is infectious!

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Try F45 for free this week! Head to www.f45training.com.au/albanycreek to claim a 7 day free trial at F45 Albany Creek, Brisbane.