Time to Experience a Pilates Retreat

Let’s talk retreats, in particular Pilates retreats and why you need to experience at least one in your life.

Let’s talk retreats, in particular Pilates retreats and why you need to experience at least one in your life.

Firstly, a Pilates retreat is not just about the Pilates (What! I know, stay with me). Cramming in as many workouts as you can each day is not constructive to your practice and will most likely lead to fatigue from tiredness and overtraining. Instead, Pilates retreats are about experiencing a reconnection with your mind and body together with indulging in that special balance between practice, downtime and nourishment.

The balance sounds simple enough, but as we know incorporating it into the chaos of our daily lives is a different story. It’s only when you physically (and emotionally) separate yourself from your usual routine that everyday distractions begin to fall off your radar and your focus can shift to YOU. That’s right. You. This shift happens quickly and by day 2 you will find that you have already started to re-prioritise, your mind now filled with beneficial thoughts about your health and wellbeing. You will be more attuned to your body and your breath (Yep…that’s mindfulness).

As Day 3 comes around you start to realise that your Pilates retreat is not like any other holiday you have been on before. Time has started to slow right down; your mind and body let go of old habits. You gradually fall into a new rhythm that focuses purely on you, your body, your mind.

Living in the moment becomes second nature: how am I feeling right now? Do I feel strong? What food will fuel the next stage of my day? What challenge do I want to try next? What do I need?

How often do we get to ask such naturally self-focused questions without feeling guilty? Almost never.

Now it’s time to consider the important and somewhat overwhelming task; acting on the new-found sense of clarity that you have created. It’s a precious state of being and presents the perfect time to be honest and to set your intentions.

Having an experienced life coach on hand is a valuable asset for your retreat. They have a brilliant toolkit to share and help unpack distractions that might be holding you back.

Day 4 you begin to notice that your Pilates practice has evolved significantly. Your mind is clear and your body connection is responsive and strong. Once on the mat your body is ready to respond and without even trying, your intent is there; you are present. You start to experience workouts on a completely different level.

A Pilates retreat is the perfect opportunity to kick-start your Pilates journey or further challenge devotees. Practitioners also benefit immensely as the opportunity will deepen your own practice and enrich your teaching.

Whether it’s an exotic 7-night escape or a 3-night mini break, make the time and you will be rewarded by feeling stronger, lighter and with a far greater focus than any amount of practice can achieve at home.